Glaciers & Sightseeing

Grab your camera!

Video Jim Roberts

We’re anxious to show off this wonderful place we call home. From lofty, ice-tipped mountain peaks to the deep, tranquil saltwater bays, Whale Song Cruises is the best way to see the sights when you visit Petersburg.

Hundreds of tons of ice in the form of “shooters,” shot wildly to the surface of LeConte Bay as truck-sized pieces broke repeatedly from beneath the waterline at the face of the glacier.

A harbor seal pauses from a nap to check out nearby activity at Leconte Bay.

Located in the center of the Inside Passage, we explore ancient, blue-ice glaciers, turquoise tinted bays and the spectacular flora, fauna, deer, bear, moose and other critters that reside in the majestic Tongass National Forest.

Let us show you a slice of “The Great Land” that is larger than life. It will be an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Glacier Calving