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in Petersburg, Alaska

Welcome aboard!

Set sail with a 40-year Alaska resident who is anxious to introduce Whale Song Cruise guests to the spectacular sights of what many say is the most beautiful part of Southeast Alaska.

Humpback whales bubble net feed in a group

You'll cruise the same waters as Tlingit natives did centuries ago and sail through ice-fields from which Norwegian immigrants gathered glacier ice to preserve their fish for shipment to Lower 48 markets.

Petersburg, AlaskaYou'll pass by massive stands of spruce, hemlock and cedar forests that are circled by eagles, ravens, seagulls and all types of shore birds. Humpback and orca whales will frolic with porpoises and sea lions will be plentiful. On early morning cruises, watch for bears and deer walking the shoreline.

Bring your camera and binoculars because the list of sights to view is as long as our summer days. Come experience this paradise called Alaska.

We can haul you and your gear - even kayaks!


Captain Ron Loesch

P.O. Box 930
Petersburg, Alaska 99833
Office at 207 N. Nordic Dr.

(907) 772-9393
Fax (907) 772-4871

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